Veterinary Technicians

Why Vet-1-1 – Technicians

Relief work for technicians?!?! Yes! Veterinarians have been doing relief work for years! Have you worked with relief vets in the past and wondered what it would be like? Well, now it’s time for YOU to find out!

Are the hours too much? Are you missing out on life outside of work? Are you sick and tired of having no control over your schedule?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, relief work may be for you. We get it, and our mission is to give you control over your schedule. It’s okay to block off your schedule on days you can’t (or don’t want to) work. That’s the reason we created Vet-1-1. We understand how emotionally draining this field is – and we’re here to change that! Go ahead, take that vacation you have been longing for, spend extra time with your friends and family, do the things that matter to you and enjoy being a vet tech again!

Vet-1-1 is a veterinary relief community with all the perks. We know these things are important to you – so take advantage of what we have to offer:

  • you set your own rate.  Hourly? Daily? You decide!
  • networking
  • control over your schedule
  • help with getting setup to start relief work
  • access to dosimetry badges
  • CE (coming soon!)
  • free help with getting started