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Veterinary Relief Services that are actually a relief!
(It's about time!)

Why Vet-1-1? 

If there’s one thing to understand about any company, it’s ‘Why’?  Why are you here? Why should I trust you?  Why are you interrupting by very busy day?

Well, we’ve literally been in your shoes and we want to help.  Vet-1-1 was created by practice owners & practice managers who needed more help at their practice. They were struggling to hire good veterinary technicians without overworking their team… they looked into relief services but were unable to find something affordable, or something that would justify the costs.  Vet-1-1 was created because we have realized that this issue is commonplace.  From high turnover rate, overworked staff, pizzas to aplogize for not getting a lunch, compassion fatigue… we have been there.  We have been the problem.  We were frustrated.  And one day we decided that it all needed to change – and it did change.  Over time, we were able to eradicate all of those problems from our practice.


We are a veterinary relief service provider… we provide relief Veterinarians, Certified/Licensed/Registered Technicians and Veterinary Assistants. Some hospitals prefer to use us as a temp-to-hire platform, which is fine with us.


That’s the easy part. Click the Sign Up Button. Create a profile. Post shifts on date(s) you need help. Then choose from veterinarians or technicians who submit a shift request. There is no obligation, you can reject shift requests.


Use the calendar to view doctors and technicians who have posted their availability and desired pay rates. You can use this to request a shift from a specific doctor or tech.

Common Problems We Solve

veterinary relief service

Hard to Fill Positions

relief services veterinary professionals

Staffing Instability

relief veterinary services

Leaves of Absence

relief rover

Maternity Leave

veterinary system services

Caseload Fluctuation

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