Relief Veterinarians

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Relief Veterinarian

 Why Should I Become a Relief Veterinarian With Vet-1-1?


Perhaps you want to take a vacation? Or Want to never work on Monday? Don’t feel guilty about taking time off or leaving time for yourself!  Become a Relief Veterinarian today!


[Vet-1-1 is owned by relief veterinarians. We understand there can be burnout in this field. This is your opportunity to work in the field you love and make the decision about when and where you work. We want to give relief vets the opportunity to have the flexibility of doing relief work where you create your own schedule but simplify the process.  Through our community, you have the opportunity to learn from others, network with colleagues, and find work faster than ever before.  Build your resume by gaining a variety of experiences and build a network of colleagues and friends. [/vc_column_text]

Let’s get real and talk money. Financial stress is a common and a harsh reality for veterinarians. Maximizing your earning potential and protecting your work-life balance may seem to be at odds with one another – especially with the typical ProSal design. Want to get paid higher hourly than a typical vet salary? And not worry about slow days? Is being over-booked the norm, just to make ends meet? We want to help protect hard-working veterinarians from burnout and be sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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