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Colorado, Denver
Posted 1 year ago

We’ve all heard of relief veterinarians, but relief technician positions are hard to find. Until now, it’s been too difficult to work for yourself and that’s something we don’t understand. Hospitals are under staffed – and there is a technician shortage. So why do we let them overwork us? We should feel valued. Why are we left overwhelmed when a co-worker leaves our profession to become a human nurse? We should want to stay in this profession long-term and call it a career. Shouldn’t we be able to have more control over our schedules? Well, we think those are only some of the reasons for the burn out that we’ve all experienced first-hand.

We’re on a mission to let veterinary technicians take control over their careers. Veterinary medicine needs veterinary technicians to stay in this profession. Veterinary technicians need better options within this wonderful profession (we shouldn’t have to leave vet med…ever!).

What do you love most about veterinary medicine?

  • Helping animals?
  • Learning from new people?
  • Surgery? Dentistry? Emergency?

What do you wish you could change about your career?

  • The pay?
  • Weekend rotations?
  • Being told when to work?

Well, what if you could take advantage of the best parts, and change the aspects you don’t love –change the job to meet your needs? Would you take the plunge? With Vet-1-1 you can do that… and you can be your own boss! Vet-1-1 is a veterinary relief community that introduces veterinary technicians to hospitals that need relief. A membership is free – you sign up and browse hospitals in your area.

YOU decide when you can work (take full control over your schedule);

YOU decide if you work weekends (most people on our site never work weekends);

YOU set your hourly or daily rate (and keep 100% of that);

YOU decide where you work (it’s not your circus, find a new hospital when you need new scenery).

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