Relief Veterinary Technician in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas
Posted 12 months ago

Relief Veterinary Technician in San Antonio


Vet-1-1 is an online community of relief veterinarians, relief technicians, and veterinary clinics.  We introduce relief technicians to veterinary practices and help you start your career as a relief technician.  We partner with hospitals in both general practice and emergency practice settings.


Technicians who work with Vet-1-1 get to set their own schedule, and choose when and where they work.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity for our relief technicians in San Antonio — and anywhere in Texas — can start working in veterinary medicine in an environment where they can set their own schedule, and we believe that this will lead to a better work-life balance.


Vet-1-1 is the only veterinary relief platform created by veterinarians and practice owners.  We have been in the battlefield of vet med and understand that struggles of staying fully staffed.  That’s WHY we created Vet-1-1.


Vet-1-1 is the only veterinary relief platform that is veterinarian owned and offers a relief opportunity to work as a relief technician.


In a clinic, caring and chaos go together.

Being overworked and under staffed is all too common in veterinary medicine. Vet 1-1 is an online platform that connects clinics with relief techs and relief vets so they have the flexibility and freedom to create a clinic culture that empowers career longevity.


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