Why Vet-1-1?

Doctor / Tech

Want More Freedom?

As veterinarian or technician, you get to decide where, when, and how you do what you do best ⁠— provide quality care to your clients & patients.

Vet-1-1 means you get full control of your veterinary career so you can create the  lifestyle you love (and deserve). And with the Vet-1-1 Community, you can seriously choose your own adventure.


Your staffing troubles covered.

You need a professional to fill a leave of absence? We have someone for you. Want a quick placement immediately? Presto! We’ve got it covered.

Ok — we’re not magicians, but we are dedicated to getting you theright people for the job. If you’re looking for talented veterinary professionals, we’ll send them your way.

Created by Veterinary Professionals

We are passionate about veterinary medicine – it’s our calling.   That being said, we’re a group of veterinarians who have experienced compassion fatigue and burnout.  Vet-1-1 was created to reinspire others who want to enjoy life again.