Why Vet-1-1?

Although relief work is becoming commonplace in our industry, it is still difficult to find any relief help.  Well, that’s why we exist.  We find veterinarians and veterinary technicians to provide relief work at your hospital.  Whether relief work is their full-time gig or just a few extra hours on the side, many relief workers choose Vet-1-1 to find hospitals.

We take away the stresses of finding relief doctors and technicians so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Ready to see what we have to offer?

You Decide How to Work With Us:

We understand that no two hospitals are created equally. Some want to research who they work with, while others want to be hands-off with the selection process for vets and techs. Whether you want full control, or want to send us a quick email with your needs, we’re happy to find the solution that works best for your practice.

Option 1: Post Shifts, then review applicants

This is the simple “set it and forget it” approach.  If you don’t have the time to research profiles and look for veterinarians and technicians, you can simply post a job describing your needs, and wait for people to apply to your post.  At that point, you can review candidates, interview them, or schedule relief.

With our job posts, you can leave as many or few details as you’s like!

Option 2: Browse Availability and/or Profiles

Once you log in to our website, you can find an available doctor or tech in your area on the ‘Available Doctors & Techs page’.  Here you can see who is available and on what date.  Our member directory is also a great way to find providers that are available to work in your area. Feel free to browse their profiles, where you can see their preferences, resume, skills assessment and look at their current availability.

What’s in a Profile?

Most veterinarians, veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants have been through our background checks and these are posted on their profiles.

We offer a thorough 10-Panel Test that includes:

Amphetamines, Cocaine, Heroin & Opiates, PCP, Marijuana (THC), Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Methaqualone, Propoxyphene, pH, Creatinine, Specific Gravity

When completed, this will appear on the profiles of technicians and veterinarians.

We check licensing and confirm that all licenses are current, accurate and in good standing for all states that the veterinarian / technician has been licensed in.

Our model has included resumes and skills assessments since we opened for business in 2018. We want you to be able to review candidates and select the best match for your hospital.

The largest section of the veterinarian and technician profiles is the skills assessment. This section is where you can compare the candidate’s skill set with the skill set you need to operate your business. This section gives you an overview of our vets/techs abilities.

There is a section for clinics to provide feedback and provide a review on a 5-star rating scale. Feedback can be provided anonymously.