Veterinary Medicine Needs YOUR Help

Getting Started is Easy


First, register to become a member.  Access is not granted immediately.  We need to confirm that you’re a veterinarian, technician or hospital.

Confirm Identity

If you submit licensing information, we will verify your state licenses and grant access to the website. For many states, we can verify quickly… so access is typically granted in 1 business day.

Create Profile

Once online, you will want to complete your profile (set profile picture, add your CV/resume, and complete a self-rated skills assessment).  Most importantly, you will need to define your billing rate.

Sign Up For Shifts

Hospitals have shifts posted for dates they need help.  The times are listed – so start looking and sign up to work.  Hospitals need to accept/decline the shift within 24 hours.


Oh, and by the way, you get paid 1-2 days after completing your shift.

How to Edit Profile and Book Shift

NOTE: No sound on video 🙂

Slide Any Veterinary Hospital, Veterinarian, Certified/Registered/Licensed Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Assistant can register on our website. Your user type is set by Vet-1-1. So every user listed is verified on our website. Download the App or visit our community online Slide Hospital Profiles Overview of clinic expectations Doctor to tech ratio Skills Assessment Calendar for clinics to request/book shifts Reviews from previous jobs rate_review Veterinarian / Technician Profiles All Treatment Providers have a profile page that includes: CV / Resume access_time Appointment times Scope of Practice repeat calendar of open shifts Slide Calendar for Hospital Hospitals can post available shifts. These include the shift type (veterinarian or technician), general scope of work expected (i.e. rooms, surgery, rooms and surgery, emergencies) and hours for the shift. Slide Groups / Locations Our Locations feature allows you to connect with other providers and hospitals in your general area. Want to search on a map? We also have a geo-location feature to search by zip code.

Why Did We Create Vet-1-1?

We are passionate about veterinary medicine – it’s our calling.   That being said, we’re a group of veterinarians who have experienced compassion fatigue and burnout.  Vet-1-1 was created to reinspire others who want to enjoy life again.