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Our Mission: To make every veterinary clinic a pleasant, rewarding and meaningful place to work, improving care for animals and the people that treat them.

Looking To Work Relief?

Relief Veterinarians

With Vet-1-1, you can have the freedom and flexibility of working relief, but also have the security of being a W-2 employee with worker's compensation coverage. This is better than 1099 independent contracting, because we'll pay half of the tax bill!

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Relief Technicians

We work with both certified/licensed technicians and uncertified technicians. If you possess the skillset to work independently, and are looking to work in new clinics, relief work may be for you!

In a clinic, caring and chaos go together.

Being overworked and under staffed is all too common in veterinary medicine. Vet 1-1 is an online platform that connects clinics with relief techs and relief vets so they have the flexibility and freedom to create a clinic culture that empowers career longevity.

Relief Work at YOUR Practice

Finding Relief Veterinarians and Technicians has never been easier.  With Vet-1-1, you can search for relief help in your area before you sign up with us. 

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